Why You Should Find And Date A Vietnamese Woman For Marriage

What are Vietnamese women like? What are their appearance and character? Can foreign men date and marry them? Dating cultural peculiarities, habits, customs, rules of etiquette, and other useful and important information about brides from Vietnam is in the guide below.

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Top facts beautiful Vietnamese women

Vietnamese Woman For Marriage

If you`re planning to find an Asian bride for dating, learn a few facts about them as your cultures and mindsets are probably very different.

  • The Snow White syndrome. You know that tanned skin is considered beautiful in the West. Subconsciously (or consciously) people perceive it as a sign of fortune and abundance as it`s highly likely people with tanned skin have just come back from an exotic holiday. It`s quite the reverse in Vietnam. White is considered the ideal skin color. Dark means hard work under the sun. That`s why girls use lots of whitening products. It sometimes even looks like obsession with white skin.
  • 5 beauty standards. There are beauty standards in every culture. What`s considered attractive in the Vietnamese one? First, the high-bridged nose — a slightly bigger nose bridge makes you unique and even exotic. Second, curly eyelashes that make tiny Asian eyes stand out. Third, a double eyelid which also makes the eyes look bigger. Fourth, a petite face (an oval-shaped face with a V-line jaw is the embodiment of femininity and delicateness in the country). Finally, the fifth, long legs. Can you imagine it`s listed among the criteria required on job advertisements?

Why do Vietnamese girls look for a foreign husband?

Here are the main reasons why hot Asian girls prefer foreigners to local men.

Domestic violence

Statistically , almost 63% of Vietnamese women suffer from different kinds of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, economic). That`s approximately 2 in 3 women! About 32% of girls suffer abuse within the year. Despite the fact that Vietnamese legislation passed the Law on Prevention and Control Domestic Violence, it still doesn`t work the way it should.

Infidelity of local husbands

Unfortunately, male cheating is a common thing in Vietnam. It seems like the phenomenon is open and even accepted. Men go to the bars with other girls, talk about them with friends, discuss all the details of the affairs, and even have a “black fund account” that`s hidden from their wives. Moreover, guys easily get away with all that. For example, there are videos where deceived wives attack their husbands` mistresses but men don`t suffer any consequences. It all looks unfair and hurts beautiful Vietnamese women.

Hard work with no help

Local Vietnamese guys follow the principles of patriarchy and have zero intention to help women with household chores, cooking, cleaning, raising and teaching children, etc. Still, girls aren`t only responsible for housework. They`re often fully employed and have to provide for the family financially too. That`s why they`re looking for equality and partnership in the relationship with a Western man.

Tips for dating Vietnamese women

Stick to the following recommendations to ensure you aren`t crossing any boundaries and show respect towards a foreign culture and traditions.

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  • Try to get on well with all her family members straightway. Their opinion is always very important. It`s even essential when it comes to their daughter`s personal life. If they don`t like you — you have no chance to continue that relationship even if the girl is in love with you.
  • Use both hands when you hand something to someone. It`s an important gesture in Vietnamese culture that shows you`re respectful and well-mannered. The opposite gesture that`s considered impolite is pointing. When you need to draw attention to something, use your whole hand.
  • Don`t go too far with showing affection in public. In fact, you`d better avoid it at all when you`re in Vietnam. What`s regarded as a normal state of things in the West is unacceptable in the East, in particular — in Vietnam. Avoid hugging, holding hands, and especially kissing when there are people around.

In general, dating a Vietnamese girl, as with Korean brides, is fun and enjoyable. Just learn a few things about her culture, certain taboos, and etiquette rules and you`re never going to screw it up. What`s more, you`ll be rewarded by having a beautiful and loving girl by your side. Isn`t this exactly what you`re looking for?