Chinese Mail Order Wives For A Happy Marriage: Reality?

What do you know about China and its people? There are many myths and stereotypes about the nation but what`s the truth? Are the women really so reserved and timid as they`re depicted? Or what`s the flip side of the coin? And what about the Chinese brides and their longing for Western men? Let`s explore the facts.

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Why do beautiful Chinese girls prefer Caucasian men?

Do Chinese women like white men? Yes! The girls dream of a partner from a Western country. Why? Here are some details.

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White fever

Girls from the East like white men and it`s a stark fact. The highest number of interracial marriages in the United States takes place between Caucasian males and hot Asian women. Chinese women aren`t an exception. A great number of them dreams of finding and marrying a guy from overseas. You can find thousands of them on various dating platforms and mail order bride sites.

Difference between Asian and Western men

Asian mail order brides see the difference very clearly. In their eyes and minds, Europeans and Americans are, firstly, more handsome. Maybe girls view them as more masculine. White men are usually higher and more well-built, especially if they work out. Secondly, Chinese women believe Western men can take risks and come out on top. They aren`t afraid of challenges and obstacles.


Chinese women believe if they have kids with a white man, their children are going to be cute and pretty. There is a good deal of truth in it. A great example is Vanessa Hudgens who proves by her beauty that having Asian and non-Asian parents results in outstanding appearance.

Why are Caucasian men attracted to beautiful Chinese women?

Men regard Chinese women as perfect partners who can fulfill all their needs. Why?


Chinese ladies are perceived by men as petite, weak, and timid. Their skin is tanned, and bodies are soft and perky. Their beauty is famous all over the world. Men want to date and marry such girls as they feel strong and masculine beside them.


How can a man release his best masculine qualities? In the first place, over a dainty and soft wife. That`s why Western guys choose Chinese wives. The girls are charming, stylish, sensual, and thoughtful. These are, according to many`s opinion, the best feminine qualities. If you need your partner to be like that, choose a Chinese lady.

Parental skills

The way American and Chinese parents raise their children is very different. Western men regard Asian women as great mothers. They know their wives would do everything to make sure their kid gets great academic results and achieve success.

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How to date cute Chinese girls?

Is dating Chinese girls and Japanese brides different from dating American/Latin/European girls? Yes, in a way. Follow the next tips.

  • Pay the bills. Westerners are more modern when it comes to the “who pays” situation. They`re also fine with splitting the bill. Asians, Chinese in particular, on the contrary, are more traditional. Girls expect men not only to pay for dinners and movies. They see it as a norm to be given gifts frequently.
  • Show you`re husband-material. What does that mean for a Chinese girl (and her family as well)? Well, it`s better to have a place where your family can happily and comfortably live together. It`s great if you have a car and have some savings too. Women want to feel absolutely secure they`re going to wed reliable men.
  • Mind how you look and present yourself. Chinese fall in love with white men because of their attractive appearance. So wear casual, but stylish clothes and a good perfume. Also, why don`t you grow out a beard? Girls find it extremely masculine. And don`t forget about your body language. Stand tall, demonstrate your confidence, and accentuate your arms to show your strength.

Your life with a Chinese woman is going to be full of care and love. You and your kids will never be neglected. Your wife will make sure you have everything for a comfortable and happy marriage. If you want to have quite and level life, marry a Chinese woman. She`ll also make it brighter and a bit more adventurous.