How To Find And Date Japan Mail Order Brides?

What associations do you have when you hear about beautiful Japanese girls? Probably something about their nice appearance, petite bodies, pale skin, cute accent. But that`s only physique. What about their character, tastes, preferences? What are the peculiarities to bear in mind when dating girls from Asian country?

Exciting facts about cute Japanese girls

Here`s what you didn`t know about Japanese women.

  • They live long. Japanese women have one of the highest life expectancies in comparison with other women worldwide. All due to their healthy diet, coping skills, and good environmental situation in many country`s regions.
  • They age gracefully. Japanese ladies can easily give women of all other nations some anti-aging tips. Westerners that come to Japan admit Japanese women look extremely young for their age. Most 50-something-year-old these an hot Asian ladies look like they`re in their 30s, and 30-year-olds practically look like high school students. Why? One of the secrets — skincare. They hide skin from the sun and use special creams.
  • They`re educated. Japanese women are among the most educated in the world. A number of female students enrolled at Japanese universities was almost 1.3 million during the last few years. The country continues to create such conditions where every woman could get any education and take any job position.
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Why do beautiful Japanese women look for foreign partners?

It seems like Japan is a good country to live in and create families. Is it?

Sinking birthrate

Japan has been trying to increase its birth rate for years but it`s still a big problem. A number of babies born fell by almost 6% last year. Why? Mainly because society expects Japanese women to do all the housework and child care by themselves and have a job at the same time. Younger generations of Japanese women choose to continue working as it`s difficult for them to combine both.

Sinking economy and powerless government

It seems like Japan is in crisis. Its standard of living is lower than the United States or Germany now. The economy is shrinking and a recession looks inevitable. People don`t trust the government and don`t know how to change the situation. Women go through worries and anxieties and often find a way out by marrying a foreigner and going away.

Best recommendations for dating Japanese brides

What should you remember about when dating a woman from Japan?

  • Japanese ladies, as like Chinese brides pay attention to appearance. And, of course, your clothes are part of that. So it`s important to be dressed appropriately for the situation but without trying too hard. Here`s a motto to remember — “comfortable, confident, and hygienic”. The last one is of great significance — smell nice.
  • Show you`re upbeat and bold. The problem (or good news for you) is many Japanese men aren`t confident. But women expect their partners to be leaders. Nevertheless, don`t try to come on far too strong. A girl can be taken aback by this. Instead, be modest, keep an eye on her reactions, and stay self-assured.
  • Shoulder the responsibility for your relationships. Especially when you just start dating. The point is Japanese girls rarely call, message, or offer to meet first. They expect men to do all that. They also expect courtship and attention. Compliments, flowers, presents, regular calls, and messages are your best friends if you want to make her fall in love with you.
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Your new life with a Japanese mail order bride

Many things change when you start seeing someone. But changes are much bigger when you date a person of a different nationality. What`s your life with a Japanese girl going to be like? You`ll:

  • Learn more about Japanese culture and their habits.
  • Learn how to keep calm and be more patient.
  • Get some new healthy habits like eating more vegetables or going to bed earlier.
  • Become incredibly good at queuing. Have you ever seen how Japanese stand in one line waiting in the underground, cafe, or bus station?
  • Start taking your shoes off inside.
  • Eat more fish as she`ll cook it for you regularly.
  • Watch more anime.
  • Start seeking natural solutions for ailments (the antioxidants in herbal tea, the minerals in onsen waters, or acupuncture and reflexology).

Sounds great, doesn`t it? There`s no way your relationship with a Japanese woman can go wrong. Give it a chance! Mail order Japanese brides are waiting for a man like you.

Ronnie Ann Ryan
Love & Dating Coach
Roonie has been helping women for many years and now she decided to tell men what do women really looking for in relationship.