Asian mail-order brides are special women for Western men. They are very interested in them due to their naturalness, exotic beauty, and other outstanding features. Lots of men aimed at finding an Asian wife use services provided by mail-order bride agencies. There are even websites where solely Asian brides are presented. Know more about those beauties from the East in the article.

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Asian brides: who are they?

Mail-order Asian brides are the girls characterized by their exotic appearance and femininity. There are of various nationalities, each of which has certain distinguishing features. All women are completely different. Today there are lots of Asian women online because they are interested in strong masculine guys able to take care of them.

Why do they become mail-order brides?

Many Asian women are seeking American men. Every girl has her own reasons for such a decision. Consider the most frequent aims to search for love on the Internet:

  • To get access to a wide database of men
  • To live in better living conditions
  • To enjoy a better attitude towards girls
  • To date men with serious intentions
  • To get an education or a better job
  • To find a supportive husband with a good income
  • To create a family and have kids.

Plenty of Asian countries are developing economies, so the standards of living are lower than in the US, Canada or other Western countries. There are girls who have to work very hard to make their living and help their families. Marriage might become a wonderful way out for them. However, don’t be mistaken thinking it’s only money they are interested in. Remember that an Asian woman will never be with you if she does not have real feelings.

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Pros and cons of Asian women for marriage

Perfect Asian women sometimes seem unreal because of their unbelievable beauty and mild character. However, they have both positive and negative features. As for their benefits, we should mention:

  • Diligence. The women from Asia are very hard-working. The majority of them has a decent job and rarely agrees to do something they consider immoral. They have self-respect. They are not helpless despite their delicacy.
  • Earnestness and family orientation. When you meet Asian women on mail-order bride sites, you can be sure they are ready for the family. They know what they want.
  • Perfectionism. Those girls are accustomed to do everything perfectly. Thanks to their upbringing, they are wonderful housewives.
  • Quick wit. Asians are able to find a solution to any situation. Besides, they are quite practical.
  • Femininity. It is their most prominent feature. Men adore Asians for their tenderness. They are gentle ladies provoking the desire to take care of them.

Concerning the disadvantages of Asian beauties, consider the following::

  • Calmness. The ladies are not aggressive and for the same reason, they are not too expressive and emotional. You might turn to be more adventurous than she is.
  • Cultural differences. Certain aspects of life are completely different from the Western ones. Besides, your wife will expect you to learn about her culture.
  • A language barrier. Not all Asian girls can speak English fluently. Some of them do not know it at all.

It is up to you to decide whether such women are suitable for you. It is always necessary to consider your requirements and features of a girl of a definite nationality.

Features of Asian mail-order brides

Asian girls are different. Their character and behavior depend on the country of their origin. Look at the most popular countries mail-order brides come from:

  • Vietnam. Girls from this country know how to please a man. They are full of love and joy. The women are known for impressive family values and extreme beauty (partially due to the magnificent manner they dress).
  • Thailand. The girls are adored due to their exotic appearance and dedication to men. They are very seductive and are ready to do any type of work for you.
  • China. Those women are more common for Western men. They have all the features a loving mother and wife should possess. However, self-development and career are also important for them. That’s why they are additionally aimed at education and prestigious job.
  • Japan. Some people say those girls are the most beautiful among Asians. They are smart, moderate, well-mannered, and respectful. They are very faithful. At the same time, such women are passionate when being with their husbands.
  • The Philippines. These women are just amazing. They have both enigmatic beauty and strong character. Their views on marriage and family are traditional. For them, a man is a leader. However, they are perfect partners able to give you support and help during the whole life.

Long-distant relations with Asian mail-order brides

There are certain difficulties when it concerns long-distant relations. You’d better think twice before making a decision to start dating online. The main problems concerning relations with mail-order brides include:

  • A language barrier (sometimes it is hard to understand each other due to poor English or special accent)
  • Absence of physical chemistry (when you meet someone in real life, you can immediately feel if there is something between you; it is a very special feeling)
  • Cultural differences (it is better to make sure that you know the nuts and bolts of her culture in order not to hurt her feelings)
  • Insincere intentions of girls (when dating online, you cannot be sure a girl is honest and sincere, which is why it’s advisable to use Skype or other means of communication to know her better).

Interesting facts about Asian brides

Let’s look at several amazing facts about Asian women to better understand them:

  • Over 70% of Asian brides are from the Philippines.
  • The majority of Asian girls attends the gym to keep fit.
  • The bride in China always wears a red skirt, which is a symbol of delight.
  • Women from Asian countries are attracted to white and black men more than to their local guys.
  • Every Asian girl dreams to marry a man with a higher socioeconomic status.
  • The groom’s family in China usually asks a fortune teller to choose a wedding day in accordance with the astrological calendar. The same concerns the Vietnamese people.
  • For Filipinos, a wedding is an important event. The number of guests varies from 250 to 500.

Asian girls vs Western girls

Asians are very different from typical western girls. The reasons for the differences are peculiarities of upbringing, background, cultural issues, religion, social attitude typical of a definite country, history, and many other things. Comparing women from the West and East, it is necessary to mention the following issues:

  • Traits of character. Western girls are open-minded and communicable. Asians are thoughtful and moderate. They are not very talkative
  • Appearance. Western women are diverse. Most of them are blond or brown hair. They are pale. Asians have darker skin, dark hair and eyes.
  • Manners and behavior. Western girls demonstrate free-and-easy behavior. They often do not care about good subordinates and politeness. Asians are well-mannered. They know how to behave in front of men. They demonstrate their respect and reserve.
  • Views towards life. Western girls tend to think more about career. Lots of them do not want to have a family/kids at all. Asians are conservative and family-oriented. Even those who want to get a competitive job have the family in the first place and want to realize themselves as women.
  • In relations. It is a frequent case when Western girls cheat on their men. The divorce rate is also high for marriages between white people. Asians are faithful and have strong family values. They want to marry once and for all.

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Asian bride for you

Asians are special and very different from girls you got used to meeting. It is important to think carefully to decide if such a woman is suitable for you. First, consider the qualities you want to see in your wife and look at various Asian girls. Each nation has its own features. As for the appearance, you should at least consider dark hair and eyes very attractive because some Asians are dark (except for those countries where marble-white skin is considered beautiful). There are also distinctive features typical to each nationality. Another thing to think about is your own qualities. Eastern girls are looking for a strong, patient, handsome, polite, respectful, and supportive man who is able to understand their profundity. If you are someone looking for a delicate woman and can really care about her, Asian ladies are a nice choice.


Now you know the most important and prominent features of various Asian brides. Remember that their traditions and history have a great influence on them. Take your time and know more about a girl you like to impress her and become her soulmate.