The Best Tips For Successful Asian Hot Women Dating

Are you one of those men who want to date a hot Asian girl? No wonder. Asian fetish is a notion that`s becoming more common in the modern world. Caucasian men, for some reason, have a strong romantic preference for Asian ladies. What are those reasons? And what to do to meet and date an Asian woman?

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Asian hot ladies` characteristics

Asia is a big continent and that`s why there are millions of girls who`re very different in personality, education, upbringing, religion, etc. But there are certain characteristics that are common to the majority of women from Asia. What are they?

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The general appearance peculiarities that are in some way specific to the majority of Asian women are straight and black hair, dark eyes, flat faces, small noses, and wide cheekbones. What is also common for a great number of Asian women is skin lightening. Pale skin is regarded as beautiful as people link it with elegance and prosperity. So, despite the fact the procedure is fraught with risks, over 50% of girls from India, Korea, Malaysia, and other Asian countries use some kind of skin-lightening treatment regularly.


What is femininity? Or as some people call it — womanliness or girlishness. It`s a set of characteristics that are usually correlated with women. Think for a second what do you associate femininity with? That`s probably kindness, sensitivity, readiness to support, warmth, modesty, tenderness. These are qualities that are natural to the majority of Asian girls. That`s why Western men are so attracted to them. Western women are very different and not so feminine.

Top stereotypes about hot Asian ladies

A number of myths about Asian women is mind-blowing. If dating an Asian girl is in your plans, better check if you have a correct impression of the women from the East. Stereotypes can easily ruin everything.

Myth #1: Submissiveness

Yes, you can meet submissive and obedient girls in Asia but in fact, you can meet them everywhere on Earth. Yes, maybe Eastern women are more reserved, timid, and modest in comparison with Western ones. But no, not all Asian women are like that. In fact, such a stereotype often causes women many troubles in career and personal life. So, don`t fall into a trap. Better think of respect and equality when you`re in a relationship with a hot Asian woman.

Myth #2: Dragon Lady

Another stereotype that`s polar opposite to the first one. It`s especially popular among Americans, but also known in European society because of Hollywood films. All because Asian women were represented as aggressive, cocky, and opportunistic. They were also depicted as gold diggers who use feminine tricks to get what they want from rich men. The Dragon Lady stereotype was embodied by Ling Woo (a fictional character) whom an actress Lucy Liu portrayed.

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Tips for dating hot Asian girls

What recommendations to follow when dating girls from the East?

  • Be straightforward. Few Asian women get hints, so when men aren`t really outspoken and direct, girls feel confused. Try to be frank, but polite. Demonstrate you`re decisive and can be a leader in your relationship.
  • Be respectful when meeting her parents. Family bonds are very tight in Asian countries and parents` opinion is always taken into consideration, even when it comes to their children personal life. So, don`t forget a nice present and take your shoes off if you`re visiting her family`s home.
  • Don`t try to speak her language unless you speak it fluently. Just be honest, it`s probably going to be hard and weird saying something in Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc. The languages are difficult. Make sure your girl understands your efforts correctly before you screw up.
  • Be ready to taste non-habitual cuisine. Especially if it`s offered by her parents or if your girl has cooked something for you. Rejecting food is considered impolite. Try it and you`ll be respected.
  • Ask her questions. Show your genuine interest in her life, hobbies, career, etc. You can exchange your cultural experience as most Asian girls are interested in Western culture. It`ll make you closer.

Men married to a hot Asian wife are truly the ones of the most pleased, thankful, and happiest. Start dating an Eastern woman and you`ll see for yourself.