5 Prominent Marriage Cases With Asian Brides

Love knows no boundaries, and modern society proves that neither cultural differences nor distance can keep 2 people destined for one another apart. As Asian brides for marriage get more and more popular, many foreign men start to think how true to life the successful relationship statistics is. The best way to figure it out is to refer to the real cases and famous people who have married an Asian and are happy about it.

Marriage cases: Interracial Marriage Dating Sites 2021


Why are Asian women so popular among Western men?

When you think about the exotic appearance, it may seem like you know why many men from all over the USA and Europe crave Asian wives. The spike of the best Asian girls dating sites only adds up to the assumption. However, there’s much more to an Asian woman than just good looks.
They’re respectful. It’s encoded in their nature to respect and listen to the man they marry. So, if a smart but obedient wife is whom you’d like to tie the knot with, this is the best example.
They’re hardworking. Even when you start the family, your Asian wife won’t sit in the house and wait for you to provide. They’ll crave any type of work they can find, and they’ll do it better than most.
They’re caring. Not only the new family will matter to your Asian bride, but the relatives she leaves behind will also be on her mind all the time. The chances that she’ll try to provide for them too are high.

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Famous Western-Asian relationships

Whether you’re interested in Korean girls for marriage or any other Asian descendant, it comes of use to pay attention to the existent relationships. There are quite a few celebrity marriages that deserve attention.
Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife, Priscilla Chan.
Nicolas Cage and his long-distance fiancée Riko Shibata.
Woody Allen and his partner—Soon-Yi Previn, this couples prove that not only the nationalities don’t matter when it comes to love, but the age difference comes irrelevant too.

Real couple stories of strong and happy relationships

It may feel a little different when the Western and Asian cultures meet, put into the same environment, than when it comes to online dating. To ensure you that the distance is the only difference, there are real couple stories to browse through.

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Henry and Anna

At first sight, there’s little in common between British and Thai culture, yet the love that binds a 46-year-old miner and 34-year-old history teacher can’t be denied. They live different lives in different countries, but when Henry’s marriage failed, and he seemed no other way out, he registered with an online dating platform. He came across Anna browsing around countless profiles since her smile seemed the gentlest and the sincerest of all. With 2 kids, who lived with him, he thought that the chances of finding them a caring mother while choosing a loving wife were a lost cause.
After a few months of communication, Henry revealed his secret and that made Anna happier than he could have thought since she’s unable to have kids. It took a single trip to Thailand to figure out that she’s the one and only. The language barrier was there, yet modern translation apps proved to be useful and after a year of online communication, they got married.

Gordon and Lyn

A lonely farmer from Canada in his mid-50’s who lost his wife to a car accident was about to sink to the very bottom of existence, but a young lady from Vietnam saved him. At first, Lyn was just a friend he could talk to and share all the secrets and regrets. However, as time passed, the bond between them was stronger than regular friendship and they decided to meet. Lyn was the one to come to Canada and after a couple of months of bureaucratic paperwork, she stayed there with Gordon. She’s his second wife, and he’s about 20 years older, but that doesn’t seem to matter when there’s love there.

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Luke and Akina

Both in their 20’s, yet he’s closer to 30’s a successful businessman while she’s barely over 20 and a hard-working student. The time difference between NY and Tokyo was the first challenge to get over when they met online. Then the lockdown stroke and the test of the strength of their relationship was more noticeable than ever. Yet, they managed to work through it. Akina transferred from Tokyo to New York and shares a small bachelor’s flat with her fiancée, yet their plans for the future and that youthful passion help them conquer all the obstacles.

Final words

There are so many happy couples scattered all over the globe that remain undetected and all due to the invention of online dating platforms. It doesn’t take much to register with either, but it can turn your world around and show you that there’s genuine love and happiness that 2 people are bound to share!

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