The Facts You Didn`t Know About Beautiful Philipino Women

Do you crave to meet a Philipino woman and plunge into a life-time romance? Why not? Your dream can easily come true because the circumstances are opportune. Firstly, girls readily get acquainted with foreign men for dating and marriage purposes. Secondly, there are lots of Asian dating sites where you can start communication and then transfer it to real life. But before you begin, study the guide below to learn everything about the girls, their character, habits, and peculiarities.

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Why do cute Philipino girls choose to be mail order brides?

Every woman has her own story. The family she was born in, the education she got, the friends she has. Everything and everyone has a certain influence on her choices and lifestyle. So it`s not always possible to determine what exactly made her choose a foreign husband. But there are some common reasons.

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The Philippines has a pretty high poverty rate with more than 16% of the population living below the poverty line. Almost 18 million of locals lack primary commodities. In comparison, that`s a population of a country like the Netherlands! Philipino women, like Cambodian brides, struggle to live a better life.


Almost every local faces a big problem of crime in the Philippines. It, in the first place, concerns the ones living in the country`s larger urban cities. The crime rates continue to increase since 2009 and even the police find it extremely challenging. Order and security index is one of the lowest among the Asia Pacific region countries. Moreover, the Philippines` intentional homicide rate is  the highest.

Nobody wants to live in such conditions where every day is a try to survive. Luckily, women know a way out — marrying a foreigner.

What should you know about Philipino brides?

Beauty obsession

And the most obvious proof for that is that the girls regularly participate in beauty pageants and contests and win best leading titles. How do they look? Short stature with an average height of 147-155 cm, slim body, shallow set eyes, a flat small nose, from light brown or olive to dark brown skin complexion, very dark brown to black hair.

Family-oriented mindset

The family and the kids are the top priority in Filipino women`s life. It`s their responsibility to do the household chores but nowadays the chore work is distributed with the men too (the subject is still dubious). Be it as it may, women clean, cook, do the washing, teach children. But in general, girls take pride in their work and have a sense of dignity and responsibility as it`s work with, around, and for their families. In addition, women can be employed and provide financial support as well as their men.

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Tips for dating Philipino mail order brides

What is Filipino dating culture and how is it different from the Western one?

  • Make the first move. In almost 100% of cases, Philipino ladies expect a man to make the first move. Take courage and be the first one who introduces oneself, calls, asks out, etc. There are some women who aren`t so traditional but to be on the safe side — take up the running.
  • Make a good impression on her parents. Philipino parents can be strict, especially when it involves their daughter`s personal life. This strictness decreases day after day. Nowadays, you, of course, don`t have to inquire whether you can ask a girl out (though it was a norm previously). Still, her parents will think thoroughly if you`re husband-material enough.
  • Mind the PDA. Or the public display of affection. Luckily, what was previously perceived as beyond the pale and not accepted, today is becoming a norm. Thus, holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public is pretty okay. Still, there are some limitations as, by contrast to Western countries, the Philippines are still pretty conservative. For example, clinging into each other or girls sitting on their boyfriends` laps aren`t okay.

Beautiful Philipino women make great girlfriends, wives, and mothers. They become ideal matches for Western men despite the differences in culture and upbringing. What`s more, these differences are the factors that make these couples so strong and everlasting. Use this chance and find your perfect Asian bride!

Ronnie Ann Ryan
Love & Dating Coach
Roonie has been helping women for many years and now she decided to tell men what do women really looking for in relationship.